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Who we are

Co-founders of Origin Skincare, Michelle and Jacques Kleinhans, are a dynamic couple of parents who envision easing women’s lives through simple, effective and gorgeous skincare products. We realized that during pregnancy all the focus is placed on the baby, with very little being available to ease the pregnant mommies’ troubles with her ever-changing pregnant body and even beyond pregnancy! Not to talk of a lovely touch of luxury while you are going through the challenging journey of motherhood. Who would not love to feel special with a care package specifically made to relieve your swollen feet or itchy belly?

We aim to make it convenient for partners and family members to treat their loved one with something special delivered directly to their doorstep or already beautifully packaged for a baby shower or hospital birthing gift. We love using the healing effects of natural butters, oils and essential oils to craft luscious skincare that will make any user feel like they have had a special experience.

What is our Mission?

To craft sensational, luxurious skincare experiences with care and passion for mothers and expectant mothers using authentic, high quality, sustainable natural products.

Let us take care of you during your wonderful journey of Motherhood.