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CLEANSE, MOISTURIZE, SOFTEN                                    Qty: 6 BarsEnjoy a blissful exfoliating and moisturizing body butter experience. This hard-scrubbing bar is packed full of coarse salt and sug..
Muscle Relief Bath Soak Muscle Relief Bath Soak
-31 %
CALM, UPLIFT, SOOTHE                            500gA relaxing combination of lavender, bergamot and sweet orange accentuate the muscle relieving properties of magnesium ..
R180.00 R259.00
EXFOLIATE, SOFTEN, REVIVE                            125MLA stimulating and nourishing scrub will leave your skin feeling vibrant and soft. With refreshing notes of Frank..
REFRESH, SOOTHE, DEODORISE                            300gA wonderful, refreshing mixture packed with Epsom salts, soothe tired feet and soften hard skin. Epsom..
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