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Pregnancy Pain Points

Muscle Relief Bath Soak Muscle Relief Bath Soak
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CALM, UPLIFT, SOOTHE                            500gA relaxing combination of lavender, bergamot and sweet orange accentuate the muscle relieving properties of magnesium ..
R180.00 R259.00
REFRESH, SOOTHE, DEODORISE                            300gA wonderful, refreshing mixture packed with Epsom salts, soothe tired feet and soften hard skin. Epsom..
SOFTEN, SMOOTH, DEEPLY NOURISH                            200MLA carefully formulated, fast-absorbing body oil provides long lasting nourishment to keep skin supple and s..
LIGHTEN, EVEN OUT SKIN TONE                            10MLA concentrated citrus serum to naturally brighten pigmentation spots. This punchy serum harnesses the lightenin..
SOOTHE, REFRESH, COOL                            100MLA burst of grapefruit and mint will refresh and revitalize your tired feet while the rich cocoa butter and coconut o..
RELIEVE CONGESTION, UPLIFT                            Qty: 10 meltsThese handy melts can be used to release their essential oils to relieve nasal congestion while you sho..
REDUCE MARKS, EVEN TONE                            30MLNature’s powerful repairing serum for reducing the look of marks and scars.  All oils selected for this serum ..
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